About SZR

SZR is a light roleplay server for the San Andreas: Multiplayer modification. We run a custom game-mode that gets updated all the time, please hop on and join us!

Server Info

Download and install the San Andreas: Multiplayer modification, and add the SZR:Roleplay server IP to your favorites.

Server IP Address:

Questions about SZR?

Check out the SZR Wiki! It has maps and answers to just about anything you'll want to know.

IRC Chat & Mumble

IRC is where to go to talk about SZR!

  1. Never talk about SZR.
  2. I mean it.

Use Mumble to yell at other nerds with your voice!

  1. No one wants to hear your voice.
  2. I mean it.

SZR: Roleplay Forums

Why the hell should I get on the forums?

To get involved in the community! Also, to join the LSPD, SANews, and many of the other private factions. You'll need to go to the forums to make your own gang, to get unbanned, or to post bug reports!

Start posting on the forums!