Grove street 2013

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Grove Street
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Grove street 2013

Post by hannibal_akira »

Back in 2007 Hannibal was a low ranked member in his grove street click he was takeing orders from Jon Doe,
Og Ras and Nino Brown he was schooled in the way of the streets and how it worked from the start of his membership
he was jumped into the fam and given a respectful rank and worked his way up slowly by doing small jobs for his bosses
one day he was told to go collect tax money from the street dealers around the block that payed for grove street protection
so he called up his muscle Speedy , speedy was Hannibals right hand man and could count on him to watch his back and
help out in any way possibal so the two homies loaded up in their pimped out green grove van and took off to collect the cash
they took off and found all the local dealers and by the end of the day came back to the bosses with 100k large and Jon Doe gave each of
them 20k to spend in any way they wanted Hannibal and Speedy went to the club that night and partyed hard with Weed beer and women
after the night was over the next morning Speedy got a call from Nino Brown saying how sum of the Ballers were trying to take over grove turf
so Hannibal and Speedy called up a few home boys from around tha hood and some heavy weapons and went on the hunt...
After a short time cruise'n the hood they found their problem and pull up fast hopped out and unloaded on them while takeing cover behind their green lowrider
speedy hit one of the ballers in the shoulder and hannibal popped one in the chest both ballers dropped to the cold ground so they rushed the dead ballers and stole their cash and drugs
then rushed back to the hood,when they pulled up to cjs house they saw all the homies out front Speedy said to hannibal ''yo whats this all about mane?'' hannibal was just as clueless to what was going down
but they aproched the house and asked one of the lower ranked members what happend, they were told the leaders got busted on a RICO charge and were sent to prison for a long ass time and no one knew how long they would be gone
later that night hannibal was given a call the caller id said it was from the prison Hanny picked it up and said ''wadup?'' it was Jon Doe he told hannibal all about the drama that went down and how he needed speedy and him to take over the crew
and handle shit they way the old leaders did in the pass, clearly the two guys were more than happy to take that role as a leader of a tight well know crew of hustlers and killers
and called a group meeting to tell the home boys how things were gonna be run from now on
After they homies were filled in with the info they all agreed this would be the tightest crew of grove street faction around the world and would maintain the pride of Grove street and help it grow into a rich and powerful click
as it always was meant to be and try to avoid any other RICO charges that came at them by keeping a tight lid on the crew and a steady flow of cash comming in to support the family in any way needed weither it be paying bail for homies
or bribeing police to lower charges and jail time after a few years passed by grove was one of the most known and respected families around LS .

Reasons why i should run a faction: Been around and been a loyal player since 2007 Ive seen good people lead before and think ive learned alot from them
and can run a tight group of rpers while haveing a fun time.
rank 7:Hannibal
rank 7:Speedy_Gonzalez
More members to come servers still pretty fresh.
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Re: Grove street 2013

Post by Rachael »

Good enough for me