What the absolute fuck?

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Re: What the absolute fuck?

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Hey :o I haven't played SAMP in a while... I was thinking about SZR and came to look at the status, and was surprised to see the website/forums are actually up.. lol, for a few years it was non-existent.
I'd love to come back, but the server isn't showing up working on SAMP... I thought it was working? :( lol. Would love to start over for the 3rd-5th or so time.. ^_^ too bad it's probably not ever going to be like the good old days.
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Re: What the absolute fuck?

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Oh god, this thing is alive?

Kill it with fire. :dogout:
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Re: What the absolute fuck?

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Re: What the absolute fuck?

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:staredog: Didn't expect to see this again.

What a trip.
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Re: What the absolute fuck?

Post by EnKay »

SZR back me when? :pog:
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Re: What the absolute fuck?

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EnKay wrote:
> SZR back me when? :pog:

you will need a time machine
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Re: What the absolute fuck?

Post by Florin_Boyd »

Oh the memories, oh the joy of having a taxi dropped on your head by salmon

glad to see that this jewel still exists
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Re: What the absolute fuck?

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Zombie forum
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