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Post by FatBlackPanda » March 24th, 2013, 1:43 pm

Would be nice if change logs could be updated, at the moment they are still updated from the month of January.

[16:39:20] [43][13.02.2013] new Firstname_Lastname script on login / reg

[16:39:20] [41][13.02.2013] new cmd /im for roleplay

[16:39:20] [40][13.02.2013] /logkill re enstated

[16:39:20] [37][28.01.2013] cars with lots of destroys now show visible damage when spawned

[16:39:20] [35][24.01.2013] /swipecard added for under casino to interior

[16:39:20] [34][24.01.2013] /pa command added for mafia

[16:39:20] [33][23.01.2013] rewrote /roster - gangs ok to invite

[16:39:20] [32][23.01.2013] added mafia casino and bonus cage, mafia use /gate

[16:39:20] [31][22.01.2013] /hc color added, need wheelman nearby, costs cash

[16:39:20] [29][21.01.2013] /buyneon for mechanics - find the /swipecard modshop costs $5000

[16:39:20] [28][20.01.2013] reduced job cycle time

[16:39:20] [27][20.01.2013] /givekey and /dropkey added, max 5 keys per player

[16:39:20] [26][20.01.2013] /install command added for locksmiths

[16:39:20] [24][19.01.2013] rewrote login to give you three password attempts

[16:39:20] [23][19.01.2013] added garage objects at mullhulland

[16:39:20] [22][19.01.2013] /setspawn rewritten to allow you to spawn at your car

[16:39:20] [17][19.01.2013] phones now work again, /buy 2 in electronics shop

[16:39:20] [16][19.01.2013] new job system fixed for merc
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Re: /changelog

Post by Rachael » March 24th, 2013, 5:06 pm

I'll update ye changelog for yall

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