Am I in the right place?

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Am I in the right place?

Post by Boombastic »

So, I noticed that I have two servers, called SZR, I don't know which one to play in, I eventually decided not to play on both, because the first one (has 100 player slots) is always empty, and so as the second one (has 49 player slots), I need assistance, everyone here is talking about server stuff, script, suggestions etc.., but I never find anyone online, can you help me?
Thank you in advance.
Jeremy Ferron.
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Re: Am I in the right place?

Post by Aldo »

The one with 100 player slots is the arab one or to call it RDZ,and the one with 49 player slots is Racheal's ones and this is the forum for this server...
For RDZ the forum is http://szrgta/
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Re: Am I in the right place?

Post by Satoru »

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Re: Am I in the right place?

Post by Herb_von_Toker »


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Re: Am I in the right place?

Post by Bruno_me »

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